Frequently-asked questions (FAQ):


Question: What do I need for the trial class?

Answer: Normal fitness clothes in which you can move properly. We train barefoot. Please contact us in advance.


Question: How often may I train without membership?

Answer: Two times.


Question: Which requirements do I have to fulfill in order to learn Taekwon-Do?

Answer: None. You neither need to be in shape nor know anything about martial arts. These things will be developed over time. You shouldn't have any chronic illnesses which prevent you from playing sports.


Question: Can everyone become a club member?

Answer: Students with the wrong attitude might be rejected. Confronting and attacking other people physically is not consistent with the principles of Taekwon-Do. It is also expected that the students account for general rules of behaviour and hygiene.


Question: How high is the risk of injury?

Answer: The risk of injury is according to statistics a lot lower compared to sports like basketball or football. In addition, we try to prevent injury by building strength and mobility. Of course, there is a certain residual risk to get injured.


Question: Will I get hit as a newbie?

Answer: No! Sparring with body contact is only performed by students who have advanced to a certain level of technique - and only voluntarily.


Question: Will my child get aggressive by practicing Taekwon-Do?

Answer: No. We teach the children to respect each other. In the classes, the children can relieve excessive energy which can prevent aggressive behaviour.


Question: Is there also training for competitors?

Answer: Yes, athletes which like to take part in competitions will be prepared well at our club. Competition is usually in the disciplines patterns and sparring possible. Sparring is taught within the rules of the International Taekwon-Do Federation - Semi- or Light contact with boxing gloves and foot protection.


Question: Why „Black Bear“?

Answer: Find out!