Our classes for adults

You want to…

  • ...learn how to defend yourself?
  • ...get in shape?
  • ...develop stamina and charisma?


We offer:

  • healthy training considering recent advances in sport science
  • almost 20 years of martial arts experience
  • continuous beginner entrance
  • free trial sessions
Adults training outside
Adults training outside



Taekwon-Do (TKD) for adults represents an effective full-boy workout besides the self-defense elements. It develops strength, speed, endurance, flexibility  and coordination in the same manner. Anyone who takes part regularly in the classes doesn't need to hit the conventional gym anymore.

Only a small fraction of athletes practices TKD as competitive sport. The majority wants to simply get in shape, relieve from stress, build self-esteem and learn new skills. TKD is not limited to a certain age of gender: men and women, 7- and 50 year olds, everyone can work and improve!

We regularly offer the possibility to visit seminars of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) and to compete in tournaments - of course all voluntary.

Interested? Contact us for a free trial session.

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